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I had Castle come out and fix very sight imperfection in the outside window frame. There was a huge disconnect between customer service and repair team communicating 6 weeks of emails) but a good end result.

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We ordered windows and for the most part they are fine. Our kitchen window is a different story, we were called from the factory and told the style we wanted was not right for the location and a casement style would be best. The window is smaller in glass area by quite a bit..I feel i was deceived. I called castle and they told me that custom windows cant be returned or swapped. I will not be doing business with them ever again and plan on... Read more

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I had my door scheduled for install in July of 2015. The install began September of 2015. Over a year, and the door has NEVER worked properly. 17 visits, 4 different techs, a general manager, and a region door STILL doesn't work properly. Castle Windows is a waste of money!!!! Everytime I call them to report that there is still a problem they schedule me for an appointment and then the technician doesn't show up or the technician... Read more

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Had an appointment with Castle Windows for Saturday. About 30 minutes after they were supposed to be at my house they call to say the representative is running late and his GPS says he should be at my house in about an hour. They show up an hour and a half later. Meanwhile I had another appointment and left. My husband was home. In the middle of my appointment my husband calls to inform me that the salesperson will not give him the estimate... Read more

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The salesperson entered my home, perfectly on time (actually a few minutes early) and personable. Wasted my time with small talk, showing me pictures of his family. He eventually (after 30 minutes) got up from the table where he showed me his presentation on the BBB and the warrantee of his product in comparison to that of Pella. He EVENTUALLY decided to measure the windows that needed replacing. These windows were upstairs. He made his way... Read more

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They sold me a provia door and transom and sidelites the install was a mess door not leveled the finish caulking is ugly. That's true there price was cheaper then other businesses that's why we went for them. We should have gone forward with nova exteriors or Thompson creek for the provia door project.

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Windows fail. Moisture forms between panes and when I called for replacement window I get the run around. These Windows cost $8000.00 and were guaranteed for life. When I called the company I was told I would have to pay &155.00 and then he said there was no location in NC to even come out. We were told at time of purchase if we had ANY problem there would be someone local to fix problem.This company is a rip off and should Not be trusted.... Read more

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I had problems and the screen fell out of the window. I am 60 years old and since it is a double window I was having great problem putting it back in. After numerous calls I got an appt in 11 days. Customer service is horrible! It would have taken someone 10 minutes but they did not have anyone available to help me. They said this was easy to do yet I guess it was not easy to do for me. Did someone say customer service was great????? Not me!... Read more

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Made the mistake of looking for prices on their website. Filled out their survey and now they're calling me all day, every day, weekends, during work hours, etc. I've had to block their number (s) because they will try with one # and when i dont answer, call back using another one. At this point I'm feeling harrassed and about to report them to BBB!

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We were considering calling them for an estimate but based on the MANY negative reviews we will RUN not walk away. They ran an ad in a local mail piece and it caught our eye. Have never heard of them but their ad sounded really good. I NEVER do anything unless I first do my online do diligence thankfully. Could not believe the amount of such dissatisfied customers. Surprised they can even do any business. I wonder just how many good people just... Read more

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