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I contracted to have a Garden window and 4 small cellar to windows to be installed in one day for $4,500 When they came they did not have the glass shelves for the Garden that I agreed to pay an extra $500. It was agreed with the service rep that the remove $500 from payment, but they were going to come back immediately with the windows. 3+weeks later message left that the windows would be delayed. 3+weeks later Castle called and I explained I...
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I liked
  • Workers did thier best but were hampered by corp policy
I didn't like
  • Have not solved my problem
  • Customer service is rude
  • Argumentative
I had them in stall new windows when we bought our house. A couple years later I can still feel a draft. I called them they came out and had the nerve to give me these little styrofoam things to put on in the Windows , ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Like that's gonna stop the problem. I can't even speak with the company anymore they have completely beat me down and won the war with them trying to fix the problem. Do Not use this company. The sales guy will...
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We will never refer anyone to Castle Windows. every time we call, they have one excuse after another. We've called & put in a complaint to the better business bureau after we had 50 windows installed. They ordered the wrong windows for the bathrooms. They didn't caulk around all of the windows & we had to put in a claim for bulging walls because of water damage. A seal broke on one of the windows & they have been here 3 times for this window. ...
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Anonymous When did this happen to you? I'm taking them to court! The windows they installed are too small and therefore a fire hazard! I'm now becoming aware of all these complaints and...

Castle Windows Window Installation Review

Quote on note paper. Told salesperson we would not sign that day but high pressure sales "quote" and price drop of $13,000 only for that day. That is dispicable! If we had taken 1st "quote" we would not have known of the discount?
No matter what issues castle windows shows they have resolved, their contractors have not done right from the start with me. First they broke one of my asbestos shingles i am unfortunate to have in the first place but they do not make them any more so my neighbor who also has the same siding luckily had one that they did replece but never did the job right. No drip edge ended in a small trickle leak that ruuined 2 of my inside walls around the...
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